Что же такое PUBG-Jackpot?

The PUBG-Jackpot.com project is an internet service for fans of the game playerunknown's battlegrounds, in which everyone can experience good luck and get cool skins

How to participate in the game?

1. Log in to the site.

2. Specify the current tradelink in the Settings section.

3. Open the inventory in the Steam profile.

4. Make a bet and try your luck !

How to bet?

1. Click the Attach More button or Make a bet.

2. Select the skins from your inventory that you want to send in the form of a bet.

3. Click the Suggest Exchange button. Bot will accept your bet and put it in the game.

What service commission?

Service commission is from 0-10%, depending on the amount of winnings. As a commission, random skins from the whole round bank are taken.

I have a problem. Where to go?

Go to the Support tab. Or, contact the admin@pubg-jackpot.com.

What is Escrow?

Escrow is a new kind of Steam Guard that protects user accounts from unauthorized access. Starting from 09.12.15 all exchanges in the Steam system must be confirmed using the mobile authenticator Steam, which is linked to the account for at least 7 days. Otherwise, exchanges are "frozen" for 12 hours for the safety of users. Our bot accepts only those exchanges that are confirmed using the mobile authenticator Steam.

In what time does the prize come?

The winnings are sent automatically by one of our bots in a period of 5 to 30 minutes. In rare cases, the sending of the winnings may take longer because of problems with Steam or difficulties with mobile acknowledgments.

I did not receive the winnings in the terms specified by the service.

If you did not receive a prize in the specified time, please check the following:

1. Correctness of the specified link in the Settings section;

2. There must be enough space in the inventory to accept the winnings (less than 1000 skins for PUBG);

3. Your inventory must be open and publicly available for viewing.

4. If there were errors in the specified points and you fixed them, the bot will automatically send the exchange again within 5 - 60 minutes depending on the load on the Steam server.


1. Insult, humiliate and threaten other project participants;

2. Ask for skins, begging;

3. Place any links that are not related to the service;

4. To place sponsored links, advertise and mention third-party services and communities by PUBG;;

5. Spam and flood;

6. Post referral links and codes;

7. Pretend to be the administrator or moderator of the service;

8. Imitate the nickname or avatar of system messages;

9. Offer to buy, sell skins and game values ​​bypassing the service store;

10. Offer buying, selling and boosting accounts;

11. Send chat numbers of phones, messengers, electronic wallets;

12. Conflict situations in another language chat;

13. Communicate on political or religious topics;

14. Show signs of racism and nationalism;

15. Promote drugs, alcohol, violence;

16. Insult and threaten the administration of the service.

Violators will be blocked on all chat channels for a period of 10 minutes to a lifetime lock. Moderation of the chat occurs in manual and automatic modes. The validity of repeated locks increases automatically over time. Appeal received ban for a period of one week is carried out through those. Support. Moderators have the right to delete messages or to ban a chat participant without explaining the reasons.

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